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Comparing Swing Lens to Ultra Wide Angle Images

 (360º Interactive Panoramas)

360º Noblex Panorama

360º Voigtlander 12mm Panorama

Hold mouse button down over center of image and then move right or left to scroll image.
The closer you get to the edge the faster it will move.
In this image you can scroll up and down as well.
Use plus and minus keys to zoom in or out.

There are slight differences between the images due to having different films types in each camera. I have tried to minimize the color and contrast changes between them. The Noblex panorama was made from four overlapping images with the camera horizontal. It was scanned so as to produce an image of 400 pixels high for this display.

This image is from a 30mm lens. Notice the vertical angle of view and the size of the objects in the image.

This was made from 12 sq. in. of film, four images each 1x3".

So even with the constant of a full 360º panorama the type of camera used involves aesthetic choices.

The Voigtlander image was made using the Kaidan KiWi-VL panorama head. This is specially designed for this camera/lens combination. It takes six overlapping images with the camera held vertically. The images were scanned to produce 600 pixels in height since the film is 50% larger than the Noblex shots in that direction.

This image is from a 12mm lens. Notice that the objects appear smaller, but that there is much more of the foot bridge showing. Because of the wider angle of view and the vertical orientation you also scroll up and down to almost 90º.

This was made from 9 sq in of film, six images each 1x1.5". Thus, we expect the image detail to be somewhat less than for the Noblex image. You can see this by zooming this image to the same size as the other one.

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