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About the Images

About the Images

Most regular images were taken with a wooden 4x5 inch folding view camera using either sheet film or a 6x7cm roll film adapter. More recent images use a Pentax 67.

Some of the square images were taken with a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex which uses 120 roll film for a 6x6 cm image.

The panoramic images were taken with a 35mm Noblex swing-lens camera. This camera images 127 onto a cylindrical film plane. Straight lines above or below the horizon thus curve up or down giving a barrel effect which is most noticeable in architectural images. Some of these images have been straightened out digitally.

The 360 images were created by combining four panoramic images digitally.

The infrared images use black & white infrared film which is filtered so that all visible light is removed. The odd foliage effect is cause by the  high reflectivity of plant leaves which makes them look white. Similarly  the blue sky contains almost no infrared light and thus appears very dark. Some of these pictures are "toned" digitally.

Paper prints are output using an Epson 2000P inkjet printer and luster surface archival paper. If the prints are properly stored under glass and away from excessive light they are projected to last over one hundred years. This is more than twice as long as conventional color photographs.

Note that the image in your browser will not exactly match the printed image. Computer monitors cannot exactly match inks on paper and the compression used to make pictures download quickly causes the images to appear fuzzier than they do on paper.

About the Photographer

I have been taking photographs for over 35 years. I have always developed and printed my own images, both color and black and white. For the past several years I have switched my color printing to use of an inkjet printer.
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I recommend dry-mounting pictures on a suitable mat board. For panoramic pictures a board of 8 inches by 20 inches looks good. Conventional prints look good on 20x24 inch or 16x20 boards.
Sample Panorama

Here is a 13in by 16in image on a 16in by 20in mat board and on a 20in by 24in mat.
16x20 Framed 20x24 Framed

Sectional frames from Nielsen are available in a wide variety of colors and sytles. Purchase two sets of sides to make a complete frame. Pictures should be displayed under glass or ultraviolet resistant plexiglass. I have not found it necessary to use an overmat to separate the print from the glass.

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