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Tyrone Copper Mine Tailings, New Mexico
(Sometimes even waste can be beautiful)

Stamp Out Bare Walls

So much of our daily environment consists of mass produced items. Buy or make art to display on the walls of your home or office and show your individuality.

What is a Portrait?

Portraits have been used to show a person's appearance or social standing, but can they reveal their character?

An Artistic Manifesto

My "Conceptual Photography" transcends the limitations of the media to reveal true artistic meaning.

In Defense of Plagiarism

Creative use of the material of others has been the backbone of the arts for centuries. Does it matter if the theft isn't acknowledged?

Stock or Shlock?

If a generic picture is used for to illustrate editorial or advertising material does it mean anything?

Web Site design issues for visitors via a search engine

Should web pages be designed for easy navigation by users or should the quirks of search engines be taken into account?

About the Images: Framing and Presentation

When printing images for display matting and framing can have a large impact on a viewer's experience. Here are some thoughts on the topic.

Thoughts on "Free" Web Information

The results of an experiment on asking for voluntary payment for useful information are discussed.

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