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Stamp Out Bare Walls

Individuality and Art

Look around you. I'll bet that eveything you see is a mass-produced item: the computer, the furniture, your clothes.
We are here to help you put a little individuality in your environment. Follow the chart below to see a way out.

All photographs can be placed in one of four categories. These are shown in the photographic matrix:

  image is made image is found
content is important advertising, editorial illustration reportage
presentation is important studio fine art nature, landscape, portrature fine art

Box 1: Images in this category are the ones we are exposed to most. All print advertising and illustration falls in this area. The main attempt of the image is to present a message. The media of the message is unimportant, even though much effort may be expended optimizing the image for the specific media.

Box 2: Images in this category are generally news-related. Events, people and objects where the circumstances are worth displaying are in this category. Less effort is spent on optimizing the image for the media, since the focus is on the information that the image conveys. In many cases the interest is of short duration. This is usually seen as print or online editorial content.

Box 3: These are posed compositions where the creator wants control of the subject matter as well as the presentation. The artist wants to be able create the message and control the presentation. Attention is given to presentation media including such characteristics as size, texture, and framing.

Box 4: This category shares all the characteristics with the preceeding, except the artist tries to present his message by choice of subject matter and selection of vantage point.

While you may frequently see images in boxes 3 and 4 online or reproduced in print this is not the artist's intent. In order to fully appreciate the image it is necessary to view the original work of art as the actual object.
So visit a gallery or art show and look at the original print. It is this type of object that we propose as the solution to bare walls and mass-produced sameness.

The images seen on this site are only representations of the actual prints. The intent is for you to enjoy the custom-made prints which are made to order and are designed to be hung so as to stamp out bare walls. Nothing is mass-produced.

Put a little individuality in your environment!

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