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By Joe Farace
Shutterbug October 2001

Panoramic Images

Robert D. Feinman Ph.D. ( has created an elegant web site to showcase his panoramic photography, but that's not all you will find here. You'll also discover some dramatic images of the American West that the Webmaster produces with a 4x5 view camera using either sheet film or 6x7 format on a roll film adapter.

His panoramic images are created with a 35mm Noblex ( moving lens camera and embrace a wide range of subjects-some of them cityscapes. The images are organized into several sections, separated by formats: Some are traditional widescreen images of New York and other cities, including Manitowoc, Wisconsin. These are supplemented by 360° virtual reality panoramic imagery you can click and drag to explore.

His section of vertical panoramic irnages focuses on tall buildings and I was especially impressed with his photos of Bryant Park in The Big Apple and the Sears Tower in The Windy City. Some of his vertical panoramas are made in natural settings and that may really be Feinman's true forte. Especially noteworthy are two images made at Watkins Glen, New York.

Even on dialup connections, the site loads fast and is easy to navigate. Large thumbnails can be quickly enlarged into sizes you can appreciate. But there's more than pictures here: A photographic Tips section contains practical information about working with digital and panoramic images. All of the photographs on the site are available for purchase at modest prices and information about how the archival prints are made as well as framing tips can be found in the About the Image section. Feinman's web site is not just for lovers of panoramic imagery-although they will love it, too-but for anyone interested in creating images with a unique point of view.

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Beautiful site.
Useful site.

If there is to be a Nobel Prize for contribution to photography, it's yours! -- Pierre

"First off, Robert, let me say you're one of my heroes - I've found your website tips quite useful. Thanks."

"While in the midst of a quest for knowledge in cyberspace I was blessed to happen upon your wonderful site. I must say I was truly honored to peruse your pages. Life is an ocean and to wade in the water is to learn. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas." -- Micheal

"GREAT Website .... the tips are what I've always wanted to know ... I've learned more today than I ever have in PS . Thanks" -- emil

"Just browsed your site! Nice work! I've been very interested in the panoramas and am approaching them from the digital angle. Both scanning conventional negatives and blending them and now taking them with a digital camera and blending. Have to fit in my panorama learning while I turn out enough conventional day to day photo work to pay the bills and buy the toys(oops, tools)!" -- Al

"I took a look around your site and liked it. It's a good, clean design with straightforward structure. The images are gorgeous. Makes me want to get out of this office. Oh well, a week from now, I'll be in Yosemite, and that's some consolation. Nice site, good work. Thanks for sharing." --Lee

"... You have lots of great art photos there. Awesome work! I like your tips too. I have decided to add your link to my Photoshop Resource Links under tutorial sites. Anyway, I gave you a "best" rating on the tuts for making panoramic photos. In any case, fine job on your site and thank you for having such a fine resource in the tutorials for the Photoshop community!" -- J

"I finally paid a visit and was pleasantly surprised. At first I thought "uh-oh, it's just another of those web sites with small images as a lure to buying prints..." but then I found out you do provide larger screen-size images for free." -- Dave

"Thank you for your tips!!!
You are good person in these days everyvere it,is all yust for money soo realy thank you again!!!"
--- Ales from Bled Slovenia!!!

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