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A stroll around Central Park and Christo's Gates

About the Images

Here is a collection of panoramic images taken in New York City's Central Park in February 2004. This is during the period when the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude displayed their art installation: "The Gates". At the end of the month everything is removed and recycled. So only images remain.

Since this is the middle winter, most of the park is lifeless and bare. I found the combination of bare trees and bright orange gates not very harmonious. In addition, the layout of the park does not lend itself to viewing large vistas, so the possibilities for repeating patterns is also limited.

Thus, rather than trying to create some secondary artistic statement based upon the installation, I just decided to show how the "Gates" appeared in the winter landscape.

There are four sections to view.

  • A short slide show of vertical panoramas which try to capture the height effects of the gates from nearby.

  • A longer slide show of horizontal panoramas of familiar areas in the park with the gates as another feature of the landscape.

  • Two 360 degree panoramas which allow the viewer to spin around and get an impression of being in the midst:


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