Goals for the 21st Century

The political processes has gotten mired down in day to day squabbling over short term issues. This has resulted in a complete abandonment of any discussion of long-range goals. This essay is an attempt to inspire people to, once again, start thinking about the more distant policy issues. First, on this page, we attempt to formulate goals, including those that seem too idealistic to be achieved. Then, on the following page, we deal with the possible objections to these goals of a general nature. On the third page we discuss each goal and specific objections to implementation. Finally, on the last page, an attempt is made to outline specific steps that can be taken to implement each goal.

Links are provided at the bottom of this page to each subsequent page. In addition there are quick links to the specific objections and implementation ideas for each listed goal.

Hopes and aspirations should not be limited by fears of being unrealistic. This is a first pass at a set of goals from a developed nation point of view. It is hoped that others will make suggestions in the appropriate forums.

Individual goals:

  1. Universal retirement, disability and under age financial support for every member of society.
  2. Universal health care support for every member of society.
  3. Mandatory education through high school with certification of achievement and a relevant curriculum required.
  4. Free education to anyone who wishes it through college.
  5. Universal food support for every member of society.

National goals:

  1. Restructure communities to be less dependent upon transportation.
  2. Improve land use planning so most people live nearer the natural landscape.
  3. Lower the work week to prevent both over work and under employment.
  4. Establish equal protections for workers.
  5. Eliminate discrimination based upon a person's inherited traits.
  6. Reform drug laws to be more effective and less retributive.
  7. Reform "sin" laws to be more effective.
  8. Create public works projects to improve water supplies in the West and to improve desirability of living in the center of the country.

International goals:

  1. Achieve new sources of energy using fusion, solar power or other breakthrough technologies.
  2. Reverse migration from the land to the cities. Create viable economic opportunities in a decentralized environment.
  3. Develop new goals in life less dependent upon material rewards.
  4. Lower world population by 20% by the end of the century.
  5. Demilitarize the world economy.
  6. Establish global land use policies to replenish the natural landscape.
  7. Improve standard of living for all those below the norm - health care, education, food and shelter.

On to General Obstacles to Implementation of Goals

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