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High Bit Selecting

One of the difficulties in using Photoshop 7 with 16 bit color images is the lack of available tools.

This has improved greatly over previous versions, but two of the most important image editing techniques are missing.
This has been corrected in Photoshop CS

The following somewhat cumbersome steps will have get around these limitations:

  1. Open the high bit image in photoshop.
  2. Immediately duplicate the image using Image:Duplicate
  3. Set the duplicate image to 8 bits/channel using Image:Mode:8bits/channel
  4. In this image use whatever selection tools you desire, for example color range or magic wand.
  5. Continue modifying the selection as desired, such as feathering the selection
  6. When the selection has been made to your satisfaction grab the selection by placing the pointer within the selection so that it turns into the dotted rectangle shape
  7. Slide the selection outline onto the 16bit image, but before releasing the mouse make sure that the shift key is pressed. This will copy the selection in the same relative position in this image.
  8. Now that the desired area has been selected you can adjust the area or sharpen as desired
  9. For each new selection needed repeat the steps above.

You must still apply the changes to the image itself rather than adding adjustment layers, but it is possible to preview the changes as layers in the 8 bit image, before applying them to the 16 bit one. If the changes are made using curves or similar tools it is possible to save the curve shape from the layer and load it in to the 16 bit file.

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