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Straightening Swing Lens Panorama

Here is the original of the interior of the New York State Theater take with a Noblex swing lens camera.
It has been reduced for the web. The original size was 600 pixels high by 1646 wide.
Notice that the parallel lines create a barrel shape.


Using the Panoramic Tools Adust/Extract filter with the following parameters we can adjust the image to appear rectilinear.
The Noblex has an angle of view of 127 degrees. The width and height are set to 1.8 times the original size.
This will create a new file whose vertical height after cropping is the same as the original.

Filter Options

Here is the result of the filter operation.
Since the source and destination images are different sizes a new file is created.

Filter Output

After cropping out the curved black areas at the top and bottom we get the final straightened image.
Notice that it is almost twice as wide as the original and that there is stretching of objects near the sides of the frame.
Almost all of the bowing of the original has been removed.
By adding values for Yaw, Pitch and Roll the slight off centering of the image could be adjusted as well.

Final Image

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