Robert D Feinman
Scenic Photographs

Maui Plantation Click for fullsize
Maui Plantation (click image for fullsize version)

Robert passed away in July of 2009. This website is now maintained by his son, Alex. For the most part it remains unchanged.

Picture Galleries

Remembering New Orleans
Architectural Studies and Quiet Street Scenes

Views of Christo's "The Gates"
Central Park, NYC Februrary 2004
A stroll around lower Manhattan including Ground Zero
(March/July 2003/Sept 2004/2005/2006/2007)

Interactive Image Displays

360 Panoramas of Arizona and New Mexico

A Brief Standpipe Slide Show

Real New Yorkers Slide Show
Tourists in NYC Slide Show
Workers in NYC Slide Show
More New Yorkers Slide Show
Even More New Yorkers Slide Show!
Provincetown Sunset Slideshow
Interactive Cube
Shoreline flowers of Long Island
360 Interactive and CloseupPanoramas of Planting Fields Arboretum
360 Interactive Panoramics (Noblex Swinglens)

360 Interactive Panoramics (12mm Stitched)
Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade Slideshow
Interactive Art Project

First Signs of Spring Slideshow

A Restful Picture

Horizontal Panoramas

Along the Atlantic Seaboard
Durbin, WV
New Mexico
Southern England
West Virginia and Environs


Big Island

New York City
Governors Island, NY
San Francisco
Main Street USA
Other Views

Vertical Panoramas

New York City
San Francisco
City Scenes
Scenic Views

Conventional Formats

Arizona (wide)
Arizona (high)


London (Wide)
London (High)
Southern England
Windows and Doors of England

West Virginia and Environs (Wide)
West Virginia and Environs (Tall)
Conventional and Panoramic New England Quiet Scenes

Spectacular Hawaii Scenics (Wide)

Spectacular Hawaii Scenics (Tall)
Spectacular Western Views (Wide)
Spectacular Western Views (Tall)
Horizontal Scenic Views
Vertical Scenic Views
Remembering the World Trade Center
Tribute of Light

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